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This is what all our happy customers are saying

Do you have anything you'd like to add to this collection of praise? Maybe you've found a new way to use your soapnuts...let us know!

Dear Clare

Am well impressed with the soapnuts and will be ordering some - probably later on this evening!!!!! Thank you for sending the free sample - I had been interested for a while in trying them and appreciate the opportunity. Everything feels so soft.

Are they ok for hair washing? Just wondered.  

Thanks again.


Thanks for the time you gave me on the telephone last week.  I have received the samples and have been 'trying out' all weekend with clothes with varying degrees of 'dirt'.  I am hooked. I must give you a call to order some.

What I would really like to know is, for a pack of 500g - how many are in this approx?  or how many washes?

I have bought them for a friend as a birthday present! I'm still really new to soapnuts, the bag I bought from you last week was my first ever, so I don't yet have any tips to share, but when they arrived in the lovely cotton bag with a clear sheet explaining what they were and how to use them. I thought what a lovely gift they would make for a practical and environmentally minded friend! You can't give someone a box of washing powder can you! But these are interesting and curious! and the way you present them makes them a good gift!

I'm sure I'll be buying more for christmas presents!

As for myself, I'm hoping they will be just the answer for my baby boy's eczema, and I'm hoping to make some up as shampoo to try!

Once again thank you,


Hi there,

I have just received my first bag of your soap nuts, and used them on my wash. Wonderful result! Am busy emailing my friends about them!

Many thanks!


Hello Clare,

Thank you very much for the soapnut shell samples.

Did a whole days washing with them yesterday (about 7 loads - thought we'd

push 'em to the limit!) and finished with a big towel load. The towels were

soft so we are well impressed.

Our enthusiasm already has a few people interested so we look forward to

getting the info (prices etc) from you, as we definately wish to use them

ourselves and stock them in the shop.

Hi Clare

I received my soapnuts this morning and WOW ! they are great ! I have just finished my 5th load on 1 bags worth.I have a 5 yr old boy and 3yr old girl so the clothes are quite dirty and they came out lovely - clean and soft.My little girl has really bad eczma so I am hoping they help with that too.Next mission is to make some hand soap for her.

Thank a million


Hi there

I just wanted to say thanks for my soapnuts which arrived today. So far I've done two washes and am really impressed with the results. I love your informative website and the prompt delivery.

Well done




What more can I say.  I'm in the process of spreading the word.  

Leicester is a hardwater area so I do put in a couple of extra, half shells.

One query though,  regarding 'exhausted' nuts.  Some of the shells are already 'dark' and by definition they are quite soft after going through the machine.  Is there any other method of checking their soap content?

I'm sure this product will develop and I can see potential for a handwash product made from soapnuts and teatree oil.  Or does it already exist?

Thanks also for the very prompt delivery.



We're really pleased with our soapnuts here! After a couple of months of using them we suddenly noticed that we had stopped being itchy when all warm in bed at night, as we had been doing previously. I reverted back to our (environmentally-friendly) washing liquid again for a while when I forgot to re-order some new soapnuts in time .....and the itching came back. So now I'm making sure that I order the next batch in good time!

The only thing I don't like is the little cotton wash bag - its just too tricky to untie when wet. Plus I was always loosing in in the washing. So now I pop them in one of those zip-up mesh washing bags, which works really well.

Many thanks for itch-free evenings!

Harri & Nigel Frost

Many thanks Clare

Received them ok and have tried them. They appear to work better than Ecover.

My husband is highly sensitive to so many things I have to be really careful. He had the worst ever reaction to those wash ball things that you use over and over with no detergent. I thought they would have been safe but he came out in huge blisters.

So far so good with the soapnut shells so I'll definitely be ordering more.

Please keep me posted on any new items and any offers you may run.

Kind regards

Alison Goodbody


I have received my order of soap nuts and I am absolutely delighted.

I have already been using these for about a month with soap nuts that I had bought from another company. The ones supplied by yourself however seem to be darker and stickier and so seem to last for a lot more washings. My clothes have never felt softer and before I was a fabric conditioner fanatic! The clothes are also very clean, even with 3 primary school age children.

Thank you very much also for excellent value and service. This was definately the cheapest price that I could find on the internet.

Now to try and convert some of my sceptical friends.

Kindest regards

Tracy Reid

Anything to add?

Let us know what you's always great to hear what your experiences are!

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