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Got questions? Have a look through our FAQ's

How do they work?

Soapnut shells contain saponin, a natural soap that forms gentle bubbles when the soapnuts come into contact with water; these are excellent for cleaning laundry and leaving it beautifully soft. Occasionally the shells still contain the nut, which should be disposed of.


Do they remove stains?

They are quite effective at removing everyday marks i.e. Grass, Tomato ketchup. Remember they don’t contain stain removers so stubborn ones need separate treatment.


What happens to the soapnut shells in the rinse cycle?

That is just one of life’s imponderables; they just don’t seem to leave any residue.

Don’t ask me why!


How can I scent my washing?

Add about 8 drops of essential oil to your conditioner drawer on your machine for sweet smelling soft laundry.


Don’t I need my conditioner drawer for fabric conditioner?

No, haven’t you read how soft they leave your laundry.


Will my whites stay white?

Soapnuts don’t contain any brighteners or whiteners so over a long period of time your whites might need a boost, perhaps try Ecover bleach.


Will my colours stay colourful?

Yes, because they don’t contain any whiteners or brighteners your colours will stay coloured for longer.


What about nappies?

I wash nappies with them and my little boy has the sweetest smelling, cleanest botty around, just ask me for the sniff test!


What else can I do with soapnuts?

Loads of things! Boil a large handful of crushed soapnut shells in 500 ml of water, simmer for 5-10 mins then strain and you have great cleaning liquid, wash your car or cooker.


Are they good value for money?

I should coco, at just 3 pence for a wash if you use one lot of shells 4 times.

(Kate (who is known for living on the edge) achieved an amazing total of 7 successful washes from 8 half shells!)


Can I eat them?

No, don’t even try!  They are not edible, nutritious or good for you.


Are they fairly traded?

We have been assured by our supplier that everyone involved in the production of these soapnut shells are all paid fairly and no child labour is involved.


I have nut allergies can i use them?

yes! although they are called soapnuts they are actually seed pods


And one last question. What do I get for my money?

A beautiful unbleached cotton bag full of lovely soapnuts, a smaller cotton drawstring bag to put them in when you wash your laundry and a crystal clean, clear conscience.

In a Soapnut Shell